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Internet access

General part.

Access to global Internet network is a part integrated services assortment provided by "Macomnet" to its customers on the base of fiber-optic telecommunication network.

The main direction of companyís activity in Internet sphere is provision with Internet services large and medium companies, ISP, banks, information agencies and companies which have to operate with large volume of traffic and high quality of service.

"Macomnet" operates in accordance with terms of licenses given by Ministry of Telecommunication and Certificates of conformity by Russian Supervision in Telecommunication.

Since 1997 "Macomnet" has LIR status registered by Regional Internet European Providers (RIPE). LIR status gives the right to operate as registrar of address space in Internet.

Internet network structure.

The basis of Internet services provided by "Macomnet" is its own high-speed fiber-optic network constructed via SDH, ATM and MPLS technologies.

Basic Internet network of "Macomnet" is integrated with international and Russian networks on the following directions:

  • fiber-optic mains with total capacity of more than 1Gbps to Frankfurt (MCI/UUNet), New-York (MCI/UUNet), Helsinki, Stockholm (TeliaSonera);
  • mains with total capacity of more than 4Gbps with leading Russian ISP via MSK-IX and direct connections.

All of this ensures guaranteed high-speed access to world and Russian Internet resources.

"Macomnet" is a participant of consent about traffic exchange with all main Internet services providers, that enables our customers have high speed of access to information sources of Russian Internet part.


Internet services

"Macomnet" provides the following Internet services:

  • access and data transmission in global Internet network via fiber-optic lines with the speed from 64 Kbps to 1 Gbps;
  • registration and support of domain names;
  • e-mail;
  • access to teleconferencing system USENET;
  • co-location Ė installation of Customerís equipment in data- center of "Macomnet";
  • provision of Internet services during exhibitions and presentations;
  • working out optimal technical solutions for Internet connections;
  • installation of hard- and software in Customerís premises;
  • free of charge testing of connection and hardware quality (for "Macomnetís" customers).

We guarantee high quality and individual attention to each Customer.

If You contact with our specialists on customers interaction Youíll get the opportunity for detailed examination with the range and performance attributes of provided Internet services and qualified consultations.